Trick or Treat

You know that moment when you’re in a relationship and something happens that feels eerily familiar? Like something that happened to you in a previous relationship? I have very little experience in this phenomenon because I married the first man I ever loved.

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You Belong to Me

Much of the changes that have taken place in my life since has felt like they were taking place in a vacuum. I’ve somehow managed to get away from the chatter long enough to ask myself some hard questions and listen to my answer and not anyone else. And the results have been interesting.

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Tis the Season

But I’m getting ahead of myself…darn you Target and that jingly tune. It’s not even Halloween yet. Many things need to happen before the “season” truly gets underway. My daughter will turn 17, she’ll find out what college she’s going to, there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving which is MY favorite holiday of the year, and it’s honestly still 90 degrees so…we’ve got a long way to go.

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An Evening with My Ex

It’s not every day that a person can say, I spent the evening with my ex and actually had a good time. But I did. We sat there all civilized like at the football game waiting for half-time where we were to escort our daughter onto the field in honor of her four years in band. I have completely healed from that break up. WOW.

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Back to Planet Earth

Yesterday will go down in history for me as being my best cheese-ball day ever. I loved how unabashedly romantic both of us can be. My family has always rolled their eyes at me for how dorky I can be but most of the time I’m not trying to be, I just am and mostly cause I’m more sentimental than they are. Harry is too…we are a great match in that way.

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It’s In His Kiss

We exploded unlike anything I have ever seen before. Fireworks pale in comparison.
It isn’t too much to say that it was completely over the top, completely insane, completely unprecedented and in addition, it was spewed on Facebook for all to see. We’ve been so far, very reserved, very appropriate, very retrained. And it wasn’t like there was anything that tipped us off.

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