Truth or Dare

I’ve evolved from considering myself practically a married woman, to thinking long and hard about the single life and its benefits. The possibility of someone “else” out there only to return back to wondering how I could survive without his arms hugging me and that smile looking at me with a love I’ve never seen aimed at me.

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After All

I couldn’t say it better than this. I bring out my Dar when I’m feeling melancholy and thoughtful and I’ve been a lot of both lately. This song describes almost literally my journey of the last three years. I do know life is worth living after all. Here are the lyrics because it is the most poetic and beautiful song I have ever heard.

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The Man of My Dreams

keep wondering what I’m going to do when I see him in two weeks. If my sisters and mom had it their way I wouldn’t even see him. If my children had it their way I would put him on a merry-go-round and make him throw up (he’s got an inner ear thing) and call it even. But for me? I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m hurt. I’m sad. I’m jaded. I’m praying. I’m not the needy woman who blamed everything on herself like I was three years ago. But honestly. Maybe real love is strong in a different way than what I ever thought. Maybe it cuts through pain so you can see someone’s soul and allows you to forgive? Or maybe that is just stupidity. I go from one extreme to the other these days.

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