The Secret to True Love

Can it be that the planets just aligned for us and we got this magical thing that truly happens so seldom it eludes most people? That is what my husband believes. He’s been out there trying to find it his whole life and he got to a point where he stopped believing it could ever happen for him. But when it did, he’s convinced it was a fluke, like a rare mutation.

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Live a Little

I like motivating people…and his compliment got me in the motivating mood, so I’m going to take a stab at it today.

I know full well that nothing can happen until someone makes an internal choice without pushing and prodding. But sometimes all it takes for that to happen is to hear some cheering along the way from someone who can SEE the light at the end of the tunnel that sometimes is difficult for us to see ourselves. If I can help someone take the initial steps maybe they will see for themselves.

So here goes:

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Me? Sexy?

I married, had children and didn’t think much about it after that. I was just a mom. A little over-weight and dressed a little on the frumpy side. I didn’t have years of training by dating as many women had. So when I found myself single, I wondered if anyone would ever possibly find me sexy ever again?

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