A Better Man

This girl is done being a princess. She is done needing to be saved from herself. But she does need to be saved from thinking she can do it better all on her own. With no one to stomp on her dreams or kick her when she’s down. Only timid, scared, and weak men do that who have no honor. And a better man does exist.

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The Hopes We Have

I’ve been looking forward to this day for him as all parents do, but I’m even more proud because of what he has lived through without losing his golden heart. No one is perfect but my son could have turned out very differently. Instead he kept refocusing on wanting to please his parents, and please his God. He chose amazing friends who I’m proud to know myself. And he’s always tried to do the right thing. When he hasn’t, he’s owned up to it and tried to make things right.

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The Trust Factor

I’ve been contacted by a few women who are where I was three years ago. Struggling to save a marriage after the betrayal of their husband. It breaks my heart to read their stories. I pray for them that their story ends differently than mine. Many ask why my marriage in the end failed. And I tell them all the same thing. He quit…no matter what I did…his mind was made up and eventually I had to accept that reality.

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This is Different

I’m just sooo there.
But wherever there is….I’m pretty much camped out and have set up house. Not moving from there anytime soon. I’m settling in, sitting back with a big sigh, enjoying the peace of knowing I’m there. No bombs exploding in my face, no earthquakes, no tornadoes. Just a quiet summer’s afternoon where the busyness and worries of life are forgotten each and every time I’m in his presence.

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Did I Say Too Much?

I’m a no holds barred kind of chick. Not that it has to be intense all the time…no. It just has to be real. And ugly skype webcam images are real. I just don’t have hang ups about it. I cringe as he does to things we think aren’t flattering, but I know a married couple where the wife has not seen (SEEN) the chest of her husband because he will NOT take his shirt off. Really? No. Not me.

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