Wake Up Call

Wake up calls are shocking. When they ring to wake us from sleep we often curse them. 5:00 AM and our brains feel like glue, our bodies like lead, and the last thing we want to do is wake up. For Harry and I we got such a wake up call. It was upsetting. Horribly upsetting.

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In the Trenches

Highs are cool. Perfect nights like Harry and I had on Thursday. But highs do not sustain a relationship. Nor does normal life. I know a ton of couples who have “normal” and are wallowing in unfulfilled boredom. No – what really makes or breaks a relationship is how they handle stress. When someone or something snaps how is that person a support to you – or not. It’s like the normal days you get up, you train, you prepare, you live. The parades you boast and celebrate. But it’s in the trenches where you see what you’re made of.

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Nevermore Alone

Before Harry had to leave after lunch on this beautiful Sunday, I kissed him with everything I had and I thanked him for making the choices he did this weekend to be with me and my kids, to take me to the movie, and to go to church. He teared up and said that he has a lot of things going on his head. He called this weekend magical, said he was on a high. And I asked him if he could describe it in one phrase what would it be? And he said, “Heaven.”

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