You Can’t Handle the Truth!

I tried to be like him. I tried not having passion and not being spontaneous with my emotions and actions. I tried following the dance that made sense to him, so that there were no surprises. But I sucked at it. Bad. I disappointed him often. I was always sorry and I didn’t do it on purpose but that was never good enough. I was never good enough.

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Normal is Nice

After the appointment he took me out to shoot some pool. My son went to get my daughter for the weekend and when they showed up we shared some food and laughs and then followed them home. Harry and I sat with our feet in the pool in the backyard sipping wine and talking about lots of things. I have the best conversations with him. They get deep but they also make both of us laugh.

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When Your Body Turns on You

Honestly I had been considering having another child. I know after what I just wrote it is clear to anyone reading this that I have certifiably crazy. But I love Harry. And he’s never had a child. And if I could give that to him…well. I would if he wanted me to. That is what I was thinking. Now, I’m realizing that I’m probably past my ability to do that and it makes me sad.

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