In the Trenches

Highs are cool. Perfect nights like Harry and I had on Thursday. But highs do not sustain a relationship. Nor does normal life. I know a ton of couples who have “normal” and are wallowing in unfulfilled boredom. No – what really makes or breaks a relationship is how they handle stress. When someone or something snaps how is that person a support to you – or not. It’s like the normal days you get up, you train, you prepare, you live. The parades you boast and celebrate. But it’s in the trenches where you see what you’re made of.

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Peace on Earth

‘ve spent two anniversaries for September 11 in foreign countries, Australia on the first anniversary and England on the tenth anniversary. It was amazing for me to see how much the world cared about what happened that day almost as much as we Americans. It was humbling to see how they mourned for the loss of almost 3,000 people from more than 90 different countries. 17,4000 were actually in those Twin Towers that morning. The toll could have been so much worse. Thank God it wasn’t.

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Coming Around Again

But last night I said, “Can you believe how we thought that night that no one would ever love us again?” And she shook her head and said, “That was a horrible night.” But for some reason we started to laugh about it. “We were so stupid!” I agreed laughing even harder. Before we knew it we were holding our stomachs we were laughing so hard, wiping the tears from our eyes.

We’ve come a long way.

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