When Life Happens

bokeh_smlYesterday was a crappy day. It sucked. It started out ok and then I got a call from my mom in tears telling me she had put her back out and couldn’t walk but was determined to go to my daughters high school graduation that is today. But I would have to help big time.

Then on the way home from work, the car I just spent $1000 fixing started lunging on the freeway as the oil light flashed on and off.

Then I realized I was due to start my period in three days. Enough said.

Then my Harry realized how behind he was and decided we should just meet up for dinner instead of him coming over to spent more quality time. Oh and that he was leaving soon for a week and would be missing the graduation.

Crappy day.

Very crappy day.

But. And this is a big but. It was also a great day.

For my mom – I put out an all points bulletin announcement asking all my friends if anyone had a wheelchair I could borrow. Within 5 minutes I had one and its being delivered today to my house for my mom to use so she can make it to the graduation. For free.

For my car – I made it to the repair shop without stalling or having an accident and didn’t need to pay for a tow. I was followed there by Harry to make sure if anything did happen he’d be right there. And as scary and nerve wrecking as that was…it was great knowing I had him to back me up.

For my Harry – his business is booming. So many companies are clamoring for his time. I know it will get worse before it gets better. But then it WILL be better. I know for now that means he won’t be able to say yes to everything. And yes I will miss him. And yes it makes me sad. But I understand the cost right now will be worth the pay off later. I love him. I want to support him. I want the best for him. And I’m the luckiest girl in the world that I get as much time with him as I do.

So hidden in all that crap were some major blessings. And almost all crap is like that. There are always things that come into play during crappy days that show you how loved you are, how important you are to some people and how willing people are to be helpful when you really need a helping hand.

As Harry said to me yesterday. “Sometimes life just happens and it’s just life.” It is exactly why God did not create a world where everything goes right all the time. It’s why He gave us free will and why there is sin and pain and sickness and death. Because in all of it, there are opportunities to see what is important and who is important. It gives us perspective and helps us appreciate what we have.

I soaked my daughters shirt last night crying over my baby growing up too fast. She patted the top of my head and smoothed my hair and loved me. Today I feel stronger. A little bit. I’m going to be there for her with a big smile. I’m so proud of her.

Harry will take care of his business and call me as often as he can.

And tomorrow will be another day. And life will go on. As it should.

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