Live a Little

I like motivating people…and his compliment got me in the motivating mood, so I’m going to take a stab at it today.

I know full well that nothing can happen until someone makes an internal choice without pushing and prodding. But sometimes all it takes for that to happen is to hear some cheering along the way from someone who can SEE the light at the end of the tunnel that sometimes is difficult for us to see ourselves. If I can help someone take the initial steps maybe they will see for themselves.

So here goes:

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My Future

I drove down to San Diego so we could have dinner together for my birthday. I got to his hotel before he was off work and waited for him in the lobby. As he walked in I saw that he had sunglasses on and a new shirt but man, as the doors opened I thought…wow, that is a really handsome guy. And he’s mine. MINE?! I walked over to him and nestled my head in his neck and gave him a big hug and kiss. His hugs rule. His arms are so massively huge and he’s so broad verses me being so tiny that he just envelopes me. It’s awesome.

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Forgetting to Remember

At our restaurant, Harry and I talked and talked and talked. We laughed, we held hands. I told him about my job. He talked about the Weimar Republic, Wilson’s Fourteen Points and I ate it up and smiled. We talked about us and how great it was to be this relaxed with someone. He and I just click. During a chat yesterday we were discussing how well we were clicking….He said, “Our friendship is the easy part… wait.. our attraction is the easy part.. um but… our conversation is the easy part.. Hell, what’s the hard part?”

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