Epic Stories and Quilts

Broken relationships create this need for amnesia in ones life because remembering is too painful sometimes. But I don’t want to stop the memories.

I want a gigantic quilt when I die that includes the pieces and fabric that made me who I will be. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. I want to stitch each square in as it unfolds so I don’t forget to remember. I know it won’t look designer. Too many different colors, textures, weights. But it will be true. It will be me.

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This is what life is all about. And one of the reasons I’m still with Martin as he goes about his business, seeing what he has promised to me and his girls through. Making right out of the wrong. If I stick around I can celebrate with him his growth as a man, a father, and as a child of God. If I left I would miss out in that. Sometimes. Sometimes, it is worth sticking around.

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I waited my time in that cocoon. And oh my, was that time painful. But I let God do his work in me. I looked deep within myself and know I could have been a better person, I could have been a better wife. I see myself for the sinner I am who is completely dependent on a savior, on Jesus for any hope of being good and holy and righteous.

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