Nothing Compares

I used to beg the men in my past relationships for BALANCE. And here Harry and I have struck that balance without even trying. You don’t have to be completely lovesick doing stupid (I know there is that word again) things to prove how much you love someone. Instead you should have this deep appreciation for the other person and this feeling that you want to treasure them and treat them well because they are valuable. THAT is what I have with Harry. And when you have that, the grand gestures mean more. They aren’t a burden, they are a delight.

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What More Could I Want?

SO why do we pick who we pick. Why did I pick Martin? Why did he pick me?

During our conversation about the turn her life has taken and her appreciation for the journey, despite the heartache, she posed this question to me: “Do you think at some point you will regret not ever dating and seeing what else is out there?”

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Stomping Out the Bad

So tonight I ran, and channeled all my frustration and angst into every step. My ex asking me if I’ve been practicing pool because he beat me the first two games at my sister’s party on Sunday. STOMP – gone. My ex laughing about the 8-ball shot he got with his eyes closed. STOMP – gone. The call I made to my mom the other day that went sour (need another whole blog to explain that one.) STOMP – gone.

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