Keeping Up with My Teens


I happen to have two of the most infuriating and wonderful children I could have ever asked for.  Technically both of them came to me by chance.  I mean it wasn’t like we were trying to have a baby.  We just decided that if it were to happen we would not be upset about it.  It happened. 

My son works in recreation for the city we live in.  He’s trying to get classes at community college so he can eventually go on to a 4-year institution.  In four months he’ll be 19.  Geez, I’m old.  My daughter is in her last year of a jam-packed high school “career” where she excelled in pretty much everything she did.

My son has brought home a new friend from work a few times.  A good kid.  I like this kid. He plays piano by ear, is polite, is fun, is a Christian.  And this young man has his eye on my daughter.  They’ve been to the movies and today he took her out to eat a late lunch.  They’ve seen each other four times since last Friday.  Hmm….

Call me a crazy mom but I couldn’t be more happy.  She’s never really had a real boyfriend before.  This is the type of kid I could hang out and watch TV with.  He’s a good kid.  He doesn’t cuss, he goes to church, he is smart which is important because my daughter and he are actually connecting on that brain level.  It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of a spark in her.

And it’s only January which means even if she goes away to school she has a good 6 months of what I’ve always wanted for her in high school.  A good, wholesome relationship with a boy.

Tonight they were gathered around my bed.  My son has packing up his stuff to move in with his dad.  He came across a stuffed snake that I sewed for his sixth birthday.  He had a 6 foot long snake cake and we got a zoo guy to come to the house and wrapped him up in a 12ft long albino python.  It sparked memories about different fun birthday parties we had.

“Remember the one where we had to eat the long licorice with just our mouths?  And the princess castle cake?  Oh and the one when you made a game out of unwrapping all the caramels so you could make caramel apples?  That was ingenious mom.”

“Yes I know, it really was huh?  What about the one with the rope in the pool?”  I asked.

“Oh yeah that’s when I was dating Alyssa.”  My son says.

“How many girls have you dated?”  I asked.

“9.”  He says.

“What about you?”  I asked my daughter.

“3.” She says.

“What about this Jacob kid who likes your sister?”

“I think it’s 6 for him.”

“That’s kind of a lot.”  I say, apparently I’m trying to marry her off already…

“Have you friended him yet on Facebook mom?”

“No but that’s a great idea.”

As I’m typing my kids are giggling about something from their end of the house.  They’re supposed to be cleaning their rooms and going to bed.  It’s 1 AM.

But while they were still in my room I looked up this kid who likes my daughter on Facebook and we went through picture after picture, commenting and laughing.”

“Mom you’re falking Jacob.”  It sounded eerily like another word they’re not allowed to say…

My smile disappeared as I manage to spit out, “Uh… huh?  What did you just say?”

They both burst out into laughter incredulous that I have never heard that term.  Apparently it is the term used for Facebook stalking someone.

I AM getting old.

I’m just grateful actually that they were gathered around my bed talking about their love interests with me at all at the age of 17 and almost 19.  I’m grateful they assumed I would friend this kid instead of forbidding me from it.  I’m grateful they are laughing and doing what I’ve asked them to do (cleaning away) instead of blowing me off (for a change…some night’s are more magical than others.)  And I’m grateful for who they choose as friends and significant others.

I guess I did something right.  But I do feel my age coming on and I’m not quite up on all that they are anymore.

“Why aren’t you friends with him on Facebook sweetie?”  I asked my daughter.

“Mom, I’m never on Facebook anymore.  It’s all Instagram and Twitter for me.”

“Oh.”  I say as I click off Facebook deciding it would be really weird for me to friend this kid if my daughter wasn’t even friends with him.

Harry follows my daughter on Twitter and remarks often how she is leading a very boring life.  To which I reply…”Good.”

🙂  I love my kids.  A few more years, maybe only a few more months and everything is going to change.  I’m ready for it.  But I sure do relish nights like tonight.

It’s enough to make me wonder if I could possibly do this all over again?  Probably not.  Harry and I would probably approach parenting very differently.  And we’re old.  But…when you love someone like I love Harry, it does cross your mind.  And part of me wants him to be able to experience the love of a child.  They are the most forgiving and loving and challenging people on the planet.

I guess my clock is ticking though and unless things happen quickly…it will be a little late.  And I guess if I have trouble keeping up with my kids now at age 43…a child the same age as my kids are now when I’m 63 might really be able to put one over on me 😉

Another thing to pray about.  Yes prayer. I have many things to pray for and many things to be thankful for.

All I know is, it seems like yesterday they were on that beach chasing the seagulls without a care in the world thinking that the opposite sex had cooties.  It does go by awfully fast.

2 responses to “Keeping Up with My Teens

  1. Love this line: “They are the most forgiving and loving and challenging people on the planet.”

    Truth. I love my kids and I’m thankful that my man already has his own. At age 43 myself, I’m done. But my girls are only 8 and 11. Old enough for me. I’m not sure I’m ready for the changes you’re describing in this post. I like them where they are right now… but I hope they make me as proud as your teens are. 🙂 Good work, mom.

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