Weird Dreams

colorwave_smlI had two significant dreams last night.

One was about Harry.  We were driving in a car together and I was reading.  It was at night.  All of sudden he said, “Crap.”  And told me the motorcycle cop was behind us.  I looked back and he wasn’t kidding…on our bumper was more like it.  And he kept driving.  I asked him if he was speeding and he said no and kept driving for a block or more.  When he finally stopped the motorcycle slammed into our bumper and there were two of them (both women) and they ordered us out of the car.  I got interrogated separately from him and was told he stole a catalog for an auction for something musical or artsy that happened back in the 60’s.  They showed me what it was and I was confused as to a) why anyone would want to steal it and b) why the cops cared so much about it.  I never found out.  All I know is the next thing I knew I was at home and there was a knock on my door and I raced to open it knowing it was Harry and I couldn’t wait to see him.  Never got to the door just opened my eyes.


I have no idea what it meant or what I’m wrestling with other than being afraid Harry is more of a bad boy in a very high brow way than I think.  But what was clearly evident to me was how much I loved him in my dream.  How much I hated being apart and how my heart raced when I knew he knocked on the door.

As a business man I do worry sometimes about him cutting corners and hope he doesn’t do that in any way that will ever be deemed unlawful.  It’s the honor thing I care about more than making more money.  And I think I’m concerned more because my last boyfriend turned out to be such a shyster.

Which brings me to the dream I had just before that dream…

Before I get to that….I woke up early this morning around 2 AM and checked my phone to see if Harry was awake yet.  And on my list of contacts who were active was Slimeball.  I hadn’t seen his name pop up since early fall.  I promptly got on my computer, figured out what email address it was (because he used several as any lying scumbag would) and I deleted it from my contacts so I wouldn’t see it again.  Then I went back to sleep.

I’m thinking that’s why I dreamed about him first.  Significantly, it was the first real vivid dream I have EVER had about him.  I often wondered why I didn’t dream about him more since I was pining away for him so.  But I never did.   Anyway, in the dream, he came for a visit to my house with his daughters.  And in my dream I saw him as a total scam artist.  Like the old-fashioned kind like the dad in the movie Papermoon, dragging around his little girl played by Tatum O’Neal teaching her how to sucker people out of their money.

Except in the dream I was onto him.  I was wary, and suspicious.  And as he was declaring his undying love for me, his daughter sat at the table and said, when she thought I couldn’t hear her, something very malicious about me.  And it was like that is what they did when I wasn’t around.  He allowed them to talk bad about me.  Except in my dream I didn’t pretend like I didn’t hear.  I stood there and he gave his daughter a look like “Keep your mouth shut, we only do that when she isn’t around.”  His daughter looked contrite about her slip.  And I basically gave them all the ol’ heave ho.  I was disgusted with him even in my dream.

Just an interesting and active night for my brain.  Whew…

I’ve read that dreams are your subconscious’ way of working out emotional or confusing things while you sleep.  A way of wrestling with tough issues and an expression of your true feelings.  Maybe.  I do know I have a good imagination.

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