End of the Year Resolution

veggies_smlThere are either 10 days left before we all perish when the world comes to an end, or there are 20 days left of 2012.  But either way you look at it, this year is quickly coming to an end.  These are some of the most stressful, emotional, and heartbreaking days of the year for many people who have lost loved ones through death and broken relationships.  Single parents have it rough, especially when their ex has moved on and is incorporating their children into someone else’s family.  All of this on top of the usual Christmas spending, and time burdens make it that much harder.

I do get stressed out this time of year.  There is too much to do, too little time and I never know what to buy people, I always start late.  I never know what to ask for either.  I’m also super sentimental, so there are things that set me off.  It can be anything.  Like my son asking if he can go to the movies on Christmas day because he really wants to see Les Miserables and spend Christmas Eve with his new girlfriend of one week’s family.  Mom said no to both.  If it’s not time, it’s money, and let’s not forget family.  All of that equals stress.

I thought, why not turn the tables on the New Year and do my resolution early?  They usually only last a few weeks anyway, and this way I’m off the hook.  New Years Eve will be my celebration of a resolution kept.  I figure, you put good fuel in the engine will run better right?

So as of tonight, and for the next 20 days, I resolve to do the following and this is going to be SHOCKING for people who know me, especially the first one:

Resolution #1

One of the things that stresses me out is being tired; lack of sleep, weird sleep patterns, and the like.  Working from home enables me to sleep in on a whim and I’ve been abusing this in the evening by staying up WAY too late. I’m never in bed before midnight, and it’s usually close to 1:30AM and sometimes as late as 2 or 3.   I need to get myself back on a schedule.  So, for the next 20 days, early to bed and early to rise.  In bed no later than 11:30 PM and alarm set for 7:00 AM every day.  That may not seem early to most of you but it’s going to be a big change for me.  (I know after the first few days I’m going to like this one the most.)

Resolution #2

Another thing that stresses me out is when I put the wrong things in my body.  I pay for it.  So, for the next 20 days I’m going to eat and drink clean foods.  No more than ONE glass of wine per day and lots of water.  No crappy fast food.  If I have to eat out, then it’s a salad for lunch with lean protein (Chipotle and Subway will work!)  and a sensible dinner using recipes like the ones on this foodie blog called My Real Food for Life.  Mostly focusing on veggies and lean protein.  My goal isn’t to lose weight, although I wouldn’t complain if the last 5lbs goes away.  My goal is to feel better.  In a busy season, this will be my most challenging resolution.  But if followed, will probably also have the biggest positive effect.


I always feel better when I’m spiritually fed too.  So I’m going to wake up and go to bed with Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional.  They are simple but profound writings from Charles Spurgeon on biblical topics.  It will be good, clean food for my soul and of course a prayer.  I have not been consistent lately and I need to be for my own good.

I think if I can do this, my holiday season will be overall less stressful.  I want to be realistic.  But I want to do myself a favor, instead of making things emotionally harder than they need to be.

I’m hoping 2013 will be my best year yet.  Why not start it at my healthiest?  That way I can enjoy it more when it arrives.  🙂

Now I’ve got to hurry up and figure out what I’m going to eat tomorrow cause I’ve got to get to bed in an hour.

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