Can’t Get Enough

I was right!  He was just happy to be close to me.  I did his laundry and folded things as I do and there was not one negative word.  After our movie and New Girl we snuggled on the couch and he fell asleep.  At one point I nestled my nose in his neck as he breathed heavy and then lifted his leg over mine and we were kind of wrapped in each other.  Oh Lord.  Please.  Yes.  This is what I want.  This very thing.  This man’s heart.  Please.

I DO want it.  I love it.  I appreciate it.  Maybe others won’t understand it but wow…I feel so safe.  It feels so real.  SO real.  He’s everything I want.

We had such a great night.  WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING???

Maybe, please, I’m right this time.  Please?  Please.  please.   Have I said I love the smell of his whiskers and breath?  And skin?  And when I look at him I feel like I’m completely and utterly at home?

OK.  I’m gonna trust God in this.  Just keep confirming.  Please.  Please.  Please.
I seriously can’t get enough.

Seriously…I can’t get enough… He left to sleep I didn’t want him to.  I just wanted to soak him up.  MAN…I’ve got it BAD.  WOW.  I’ve never been like this.  YES YES YES YES…WOW I’m in LOVE.  YES!!!!  I can’t get enough.

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