Hard Day Had by All

I will be honest.  Today was a rough day.  Had a horrible sleep but woke up and called Harry earlier than normal and had the best talk.  He is so good to me.  Drove into work with his thoughts running through my head.  Prayed for my coworker named Buddy who is losing his battle with cancer.  So hard.  I got choked up at one point but held it together.  Another coworker has a lump in her neck and it’s tested as likely lymphoma.  And her mother who is 99 years old is also in late stages of cancer.   Lots of heartache.  Lots of turmoil.

At the end of my day I got to talk to Harry again but we got interrupted by his cell phone cutting out.  So I took my daughter to the grocery store to buy our low carb foods and when we were able to connect again I was spewing cauliflower all over my kitchen.

My new favorite dish is cauliflower mash.  Made with boiled cauliflower, butter, and chicken broth, it mimics mashed potatoes incredibly without the carbs.  Amazing.  Add a little more broth and some herbs and touch of garlic and you have cauliflower soup.  I’m on a low carb kick as I try to burn fat and build some muscle tone and I’ve been experimenting with cooking.  I buy a ton of food that I know I can eat with no specific meal planned and then, as if I’m on a cooking show and given only a stack of ingredients, set out to make a masterpiece.  It’s hit and miss, but it’s fun and healthy!

Having no proper food processor I had to use a mixing bowl which explains the spewing.  I digress.

Harry was so mad at his cell phone company he just was ranting.  That is the best word for it.  And finally, I blurted out some random question that threw him completely off and he started settling down.  Then I said, “What’s your favorite color?”  And he said, “I know what you’re doing, you’re changing the subject…”  But his voice was laughing, and quiet, and sweet and completely transformed from this angry man, corporate-policies-suck-voice.

If anything,  today proved that everyday doesn’t have to be a great day, or even a good day.  Harry and I can have bad days and still make each other smile.

And he said something to me about humility that took me aback.  I had no idea he had such a mature understanding of the concept, especially as it relates to God.  As he was explaining how people who think they’re right all the time are the furthest away from God.  I listened to him explain the submission needed by a person who actually accepts GOD as Lord.  It threw me off and it made me wonder what else was hidden underneath the rhetoric I’ve heard in our arguments.  I digress again.

My son came home from school/work and said he had a bad day.  His best friend broke up with his girlfriend who happens to be my niece.  Apparently Obama got pummeled in a debate with Romney.  It was a hard day by many, for many different reasons.

And here is my take away. In the face of lots of things that could have sent us in a negative direction….

In our aggravation due to extenuating circumstances, we chose to cling.

In our sadness due to bad news all the way around, we chose to comfort.

In our gratefulness to the realization that we have found each other, we chose to love.

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