True Love’s Kiss

Last night after I wrote my post I kept thinking of my friend whose name is Buddy.  I couldn’t sleep.  At  2:30 AM Harry and I began chatting.  I told him I wrote a post and  I’ve been reflecting about God.  He said, “you always comeback to who you really are…I know I’m important in your life.. and I appreciate that and love it.. but you always get back to who you really are as a Christian woman and mother.. and your love for me has not changed you in that way.”

He says things like that and it melts me.  Mostly because it shows he respects me for who I am and that he loves me HOW I am.  And here he was in the middle of the night being my go-to-guy.  The one who is there for me.  And I spilled…

Thinking about what Buddy means to me led me to think about my dad.  Buddy was kind of a father-like figure to me.  He looked out for me and encouraged me.  So it was natural for me to go there but wow, once I did it just kept pouring out.

All these memories…like the time my dad walked miles in the snow (no joke) after a storm and the power was out to buy chestnuts so we could all roast them on the open fire.  He really did that.  And how he came up to Washington to visit us to fix things around the house and in two weeks we got more done than two years on our own.   How he was artistic and smart.  He taught me how to draw and how to use excel spreadsheets.  And he was fun.  And oh boy…the flood gates opened and I just kept talking about him and missing him so very much and crying.

And Harry listened.  And was interested even.

It was one of those very intimate chats and Harry wanted to see me but I wouldn’t let him.  He said, “Something about your tears makes me love you.”  He said, “You have such a pure heart, you shed more tears for others than anyone I know.”  But really, if I’m honest, most of my tears are selfish.  He said, “Please let me see your face.”

I said, “My face is totally broken out,  I’m all puffy, my nose is stopped up,  snot dripping, my eyes keep leaking without me even crying…”  Geesh… No way.

We chatted until after 4 AM until he had to leave to make it to San Diego by morning, but lucky me, he stopped by on his way.  I love that man.

He just wanted to see what I looked like when I was a wreck.  I’m sure that was it 😉

I was sort of asleep on the couch when he arrived and he woke me up with a kiss.  Just like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White being woken up by true love’s kiss.  It was the sweetest, softest, most beautiful kiss.

I swear it’s the most romantic thing in the world.  WAY better than flowers and I love getting flowers.  WAY better than anything anyone could ever buy me.

I’m supposed to be OVER the fairytale dream of my prince charming!  I swear I’m not looking to create contrived romance.   This is as real as it gets.

I’m crazy in love.  After all those tears it felt so good to be loved and held.  Crazy in love.  It was exactly what I needed.

I emailed my boss to let her know I had been crying all night and would be working late in the morning and went to sleep around 5:00 AM.

When I woke up, I remembered him like it was a dream.  Only it wasn’t.  In so many ways he is my best friend.  How cool that I get to kiss my best friend….and that it makes me feel like a princess.

Just wanted to share.  ❤  I’m a lucky girl.

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