Almost Time for Real

I talked to Harry last night who was freaking out a little bit over this site he’s been working on for months that is about to go LIVE on Tuesday. When that happens, he will be able to breathe a little easier financially – after 30 days. For him, that means he will be able to move forward with plans for his life.

Way back in February when we were still friends and just chatting he was stuck at an airport. He was working in North Carolina and was bored and lonely. I started sharing with him about all the craziness going on in my life. And he was a good listener. It went on like that for about 4 months. But that particular afternoon I remember he was pensive and different. He was heading home. Home to a broken relationship, to what he has called a compromised life. And he said,

“You are an amazing person. You are different. With you, I see a completely different future for myself.”

Mostly when we talked we talked about me. He was an ear for my woes. He is a student of psychology and loved to help me sort out things in my head. He usually didn’t open up like that. It was a rare glimpse, he had let down his guard and at the time, I let it go without a comment. I will remember it forever though.

When we first met for a lunch at our restaurant where went again this afternoon; He realized that I was someone who could also listen. And he opened up a little bit more. And we became friends. Real friends. And it was special to both of us.

I could tell him anything. He wasn’t trying to score any points with me, we were real with each other. It was refreshing. For both of us.

Had we not been attracted to each other, it may have stayed that way for years. But I was drawn to him like no person on earth I have ever been drawn to before. There wasn’t just one string pulling me in. It was his mind, his guts, his strength, his sense of humor, his casual way, his smile, his eyes, his big strong arms, his vulnerability, and mostly his honesty.

Last night he said, “It’s almost time for this to get very real.”

I have a feeling I know what he meant.

I’ve had real. I had real for most of my life. But for the last almost four years I have not. I’ve had “supposed real.” Intended, presumed, conceived but never, ever becoming real.

But today I took a half day off work and I relished my time with him. Talking and talking and eating and drinking and we got back to my place and he crashed out on the couch in the sweetest way possible. I took three pics of him sleeping.

He asked to talk to my pastor and come to church on sunday…of course I said yes. Everything is getting very much…more real.

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