Burning Down the House


My friend’s house burnt down tonight.  She likely lost all of her professional photography and most of her personal possessions.  Melted hard drives.I hugged her as best I could.  When I found out I dropped my iPhone onto the ground and when I picked it up the glass  was shattered.  Still working but shattered.  It was hard to make out what words said…my phone and her life was in pieces.  I’m so sorry for her.  Not for me. I can pay a couple hundred dollars and get my phone fixed.  Her life is truly shattered.

My colleague who got sick recently found out his 10% kidney function was not the result of kidney disease.  They were rushed to hematology.   He still doesn’t know why he’s suddenly dying.   There are MORE important things in life to worry about than phones and houses.

The tears, the hugs, the broken glass is all a part of the real.  I hate that I dropped my phone.  But I hate more that my friend is crying and her possessions are covered in soot and without a home tonight.  And I hate EVEN more my dear colleague who is in the fight for his life.

God is so very good to me.  I only have much to be thankful.  Not one piece of me wants s to complain tonight.

Thank you Lord for keeping me from disease and from house fires.  And please God be with those who are struggling through it.

Amen…and Hallelujah that we can pray such prayers in the first place.

My friend is a very hard-working single mom.  Please join me in prayer for her  Such a tragedy.


2 responses to “Burning Down the House

  1. Wow, so sad and eerily parallel. My best friend’s house burned down too, just around the same time as your friend’s did. it is such a tragic thing to go through. At least nobody was hurt or worse, but the memories, the everything you lose is so difficult. I am sorry to hear this and also agree in rejoicing the lives that we have and live and the blessings that we have. XO

    • oh my gosh…wow yes, we are blessed every day with every breath. I never want to take for granted what I have been given. So sorry to hear about our friend.

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