Hard Work Does Pay Off

I had a good day today.  A very good day.  I got about four hours talking face to face with my Harry at our restaurant and back at the house which was very nice.  The plan is to have dinner on Sunday night with the kids, the four of us.  Slowly but surely we are getting “integrated” we call it.

And my son went on a job interview for a second job and two hours later got the call.  I texted him just before and he texted back “nothing yet”.   Then my phone rang and  he was so happy.  The man who interviewed him told him he was impressed that he had a real resume and cover letter in hand (and yes at one point that was a battle to do right.)  He was impressed that he dressed appropriately (and yes I told him a tie was a must and don’t roll up your sleeves.)  And he was also impressed with how my son conducted himself (and that was ALL HIM.)  I was one proud mama.

He already has a great job as a lifeguard and swim instructor but now he will be working nights too and saving more money for when college starts and gas is needed.

Tonight he and I watched a couple of movies with a friend of his and when his friend left he snuggled up to me.  And I said, “You tired?”  And he said, “No I just wanted to thank you for pushing me.”

I said, “Really?”  He said, “Yeah”

And then he crawled onto the other side of the couch and I looked at him and thought…my goodness.

That is what I’ve wanted to hear since the first grade.  “Thank you for pushing me.”  Wow.  He really said it.  Completely unsolicited.

All of those endless hours sitting next to him while he finished his stinking homework packet in first, second, third, fourth, fifth grades.  All the hours reviewing spelling lists for tests.  The calendars we created to make sure he didn’t fall behind for science projects.  I hated those science projects!  Every time I asked him to see his planner during jr. high to make sure he was writing down his assignments and the excuses and arguments that would ensue when I opened to a blank page.  Every time I sat through a counseling meeting with a teacher for a class he was struggling in for high school.

Through the tears, the complaints, the times I was accused of expecting him to be perfect or like his sister, or like me.

Tonight he felt like he accomplished  something and it felt good.  And that feeling is what I’ve been wanting for him for decades.   The feeling of a job well done.

And this mama knows that all that her hard work, was well worth it.

I asked him tonight before bed if he thought he’d be cursing the fact that I pushed him anytime soon again and he said with a smile…”Yeah probably the first week of working two jobs.  But not when I get my paycheck.”


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