Babies Grow Up

This is a hard night for me…here are lyrics that express all of it…all of it.

“Time it was I had a dream

You’re the dream come true

If I had the world to give

I’d give it all to you

I’ll take you to the mountains I will take you to the sea

I’ll show you how this life became a miracle to me

You’ll fly away, but take my hand until that day

When they ask how far love goes. When my job’s done you’ll be the one who knows.”

There is more but I can’t say much more than that.


5 responses to “Babies Grow Up

      • She played a lot of coffee houses and such back then, I don’t recall how many times I got the chance to see her, usually with other folk singers on the bill. But since she got all famous, I have seen her twice… amazing as always, just bigger stages… 🙂

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