The Magic of Friendship

Not everyday can be a special day.  Not even some days that are supposed to be special will live up to their hype.  But I say…go for it anyway.  And this Mother’s day was pretty darn special all the way around.  I could remark on the great sermon at church, getting to give my friend a gift that I was excited to give her, a great meal shared with all my favorite people including Harry and my children, entertaining bouts of pick-on-mom laser tag, great conversation, or my  continued sense that all is right with the world.  But today what struck me the most was a light in my daughter’s eye that I have not ever seen.

She has a new friend and confident and she is “in love”.  It’s the only thing I can think of that comes close…I swear it is the same exact emotions (minus the kissing) that I feel for Harry.  You find yourself able to talk about the deepest parts as well as laugh and joke around for hours and hours and you get this sense that you don’t want life without that person anymore.  It’s a very special moment when you find anyone like that girl or boy.

After our company left tonight she said, “Mom we talked about everything and I was totally myself with her.  I can’t believe it, I’ve never met anyone like me before.”  She was on a high, almost giddy.  I heard the squeals coming from her room that proves it…my daughter has never had squeals coming from her room…

She is my responsible loner who has longed for a sense of closeness but struggled her whole life.  And tonight she was lit up.  It was great to see.  They are both super smart girls and share a lot of the same kinds of trials in life.

It’s just undeniable when people make that heart connection.  When there is so much in common that you start looking at them in a different way…as if to say…wait…really?  You too? That is when the magic happens.

Some people connect easily with others.  My son does.  Anyone.  And I know with him it is heartfelt.  He can find common ground easily.  But with some of us it is harder.  We don’t want to fake it, we don’t want to compromise for it, we don’t want to seem needy or desperate.  But for whatever reason, the authentic connection is elusive.

When she yelled out, ” Can you come to my concert on Wednesday cause I want people to meet my best friend.”  My ears perked up and I watched two little girls jumping up and down giving each other high-fives and I thought…wow.  I never thought I’d see the day…but I smiled, a little warily in hope.

I have friends still since I was 6, 8, 12 years old.  We don’t talk everyday but I know if I needed them they would be there in a heartbeat.  It is truly special and I’ve always wanted that for her forever.

So this Mother’s Day I got to see one of my hopes and prayers for my daughter come true.  I’ve been telling her for years that one day she would know that she has made a true friend and that will be someone she can be herself with.  She was skeptical.  I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to her. I pray now that some day when they are 42 years old, they spend an hour getting wrinkly in a spa talking about everything under the sun with their own children entertaining themselves and bonding in the house unbeknownst to them.

It’s a good new hope and prayer to have.


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