Kids and Divorce at Christmas Time

My ex has informed my children that instead of coming to church with us and back to the house for a meal and opening one present like we’ve done the last three years together. Or instead of broaching the subject of a different arrangement for Christmas Eve this year to me. Which he has priority over for that day. He has decided that he will spend Christmas Eve in San Diego and will pick up the kids the day after Christmas and celebrate then. I’m sorry but Christmas is over by then. The magic I talked about in my last post is gone. It’s clean up day. For the life of me I can’t figure out how he has reached the point with his own children that he would choose her family over his own.

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Slowing Down

My tree is up but I can’t seem to bring myself to decorate it again. Many ornaments have an emotional connection for me. I won’t be putting up my elephant ornament I got last year to symbolize this giant thing Martin and I were trying to do. I won’t be putting up the Big Ben either, or the one that says 1991 Our First Christmas Together. There are many others that will stay packed away. But I’ll know which ones are missing. And that makes me sad. It just does.

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My World

As soon as I hung up the phone, I got a text from my daughter who said it was not a good idea for her to have gone to school. Now for my daughter to say that means she is very sick. I had to force her to bed last night when I found her passed out reading Huckleberry Finn. She was late to her zero period class starting at 6:45 AM and got chewed out for it. So I promptly made her a doctor’s appointment. Insurance sucks remember? Yeah she’s worth it. I was especially glad I made the appointment when the doctor told us not only does she have an ear infection but she also has pneumonia in her lower right lobe and ordered her not to be around people until at least Monday. Instant tears from her.

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