Thank You God

Thank you for a normal, boring day.

That my eyes opened this morning and I could work from my snug as a bug blankets of my bed until I felt like it.  Thank you that my friend came over to bring me coffee cause I ran out and worked with me all day.  And for friends that just care.  Thank you for flirty texts from H.S. Guy and plans for this week.  Thank you for giving me the guts to go to a new yoga class and try a wall handstand.  Thank you for the food you put in my stomach, the love in my heart, and the brain power I used today.

Thank you for my dog Lucy who is my companion.  For my children who are relatively healthy and happy and for the home you’ve given us to live.

Thank you giving me eyes to see and ears to hear your truth.  And the peace in my heart from knowing You.

I may be a few days late on Thanksgiving but after last week, I was moved to gratitude today for no drama at all.

I humbly ask for a few more days like this one.  Please?

Ooooh you won’t believe this but no sooner did I finish this blog than I put a load of clothes in the washer to learn it was broken.  Yes my washing machine is broken.  Ok.  All the above still applies – pretty much.  *sigh*

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