Living the Moment

I’m sorry I’ve been so delinquent in blogging lately.  But I’ve been trying to soak up every minute of my time with Martin here in England.  It has been a phenomenal trip so far.  Among other things we have looked at wedding venues.  Here is a sampling.  Part of me feels like the more I look the more picky I get which I don’t want to be.  But they are all so beautiful and honestly my only criteria is class and affordability so I’m hopelessly swayed at times from one direction to the other.

When we walk into any location here in England I feel like I’m stepping back in time.  Whether it be Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, or a simple rustic pub there is a sense of stability and history here like nothing I’ve ever experienced in America. From the Dartmoor ponies in Devon that have been roaming the hills since as early as 1500 BC to remnants of the Roman wall that used to encircle his city of Exeter.  It has been a trip like no other.

The first time I came to England was an introduction.  The second time was a discovery.  This time has been an exploration.  I’ve seen many parts of England and many sides to Martin as he has me and mostly it has been magical.  Kind of like a ride at Disneyland that you have never been on before but you’ve heard is great and are excited to go on.  Before  you anticipate it and imagine how it will be  During you are both howling from exhilaration and  from fear.  And after no matter how scared you were along the way you are nearly giddy with how amazing it was and how quickly it came to an end.

Time.  The waiting seems to take forever.  The doing over in a blink.

I’ve been stretched as a traveler as I’m quite stationary in my day-to-day life.  I live a life that is very simple and straightforward logistically speaking.  I have a choice of 5 or more supermarkets within 1-2 miles or less from my house that I can easily get to nearly 24 hours a day in less than 5 minutes.  Here in England things are not that convenient and moving locations every 4-7 days has made it even more difficult to adapt because things keep changing.  But with the change comes experiences I would not want to have missed.

We threw our sticks in the creek from Pooh Bridge in East Sussex, we stood together arm in arm in the pitch black night marveling at the stars that are usually hidden from our view.  We’ve been stopped on the road by bulls and cows, sheep and horses.  We walked 1/4 mile home on a road with hedges 10 ft on either side of us from a pub where I chatted with a man whose pictures adorned the walls.  When I walked over to ask him if he was the same man in the photos his crooked tooth grin gave him away as he shook my hand.  Memories I will not soon forget.

Those memories soon replace the struggles I’ve had trying to figure out how to use the washing machine that both washes AND dries, get online, re-pack my bags so that everything fits and is not forgotten, and knowing which coins to use when paying for things.

So as difficult as it has been for me to feel comfortable, I have been filled with wonder and a sense of appreciation for each and every day…even today as I sit alone, working and doing laundry…perhaps because last night as I celebrated my 42nd birthday hear on this earth, I am the happiest and most content I have ever been in my whole entire life.  The card Martin got me read…”If I had my life to live over again, next time I’d find you sooner so I could love you longer.”

9 responses to “Living the Moment

  1. The picture of the horse is like an optical illusion, it looks like it is jumping straight up into the air.

    I have been reading your blog since this time last year. My husband was leaving me & I found your blog. I went all the way back to the beginning & have read every post. Your story is like a movie. Going through heartbreak, finding Martin in Ireland by pure chance, falling in love with him, him trying to get a job in America & having them fall through, him being dishonest, him still being married, calling off an engagement, working through it all, & now looking for wedding venues in England. Wow. You should pitch your story to a movie network!

    I’m not yet divorced. I tried to work it out with him but it is not possible. Your story gives me hope for my new beginning. I want to find myself again & be empowered. You have proven that is possible.

    • wow I’m always so humbled when I read posts like this…that you would read the whole thing…First – I’m sorry your marriage didn’t work out. It is heartbreaking no two ways about it. But there is hope and I’ve had to pinch myself at times knowing how fortunate I am and also having to remind myself when I’m grumpy that I’m so so blessed and in a much better place than I ever would be had things not gone the way they did. Blessings to you and I wish only the best for you. Livvy

  2. Sadly this very surreal trip was very much only a dream. It was never meant to be reality for me. I’m still grateful for the opportunity to see so many lovely places. I did fall in love with England. I am looking forward to going back and making new memories.

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