The Library

Today I had the extreme joy of working from a house but not like any house I’ve worked from before.  This house has manicured gardens that extend for acres surrounded by hundreds of other acres of woodland and the river Thames.  We toured a cottage on the property for our wedding that was exquisite.  I absolutely adored it.  Then Martin had to go on a work call so I planted myself with their permission in the library.  A tall room lined with deep wood paneling, family oil paintings, and books, a beautifully ornate fireplace and three gigantic windows.  Just a few minutes ago they closed the door so no one else would come in as an event is taking place here at 5:00 pm.

Martin working by the window of the Cliveden House Hotel Library

So quietly, I’m sitting alone in this beautiful room wondering what it must have been like to live here long ago.  Honestly I can’t quite imagine it.  Even with the waiter bringing me my own coffee pot with lumpy squares of raw sugar and cookies and treating me like a lady, I still can’t imagine how it must have felt to have nothing to do all day but be waited on and look at beautiful things and read books.

But it is gorgeous and quiet and a day I won’t soon forget.

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