All Things English

Is it just me or when you are interested in something or fall in love all of sudden you see things that remind you of that person everywhere you turn?  I’m sure it is just that we have a heightened awareness but Martin swears that everywhere he goes he hears American accents and sees blonde women with glasses.  He hears news reports about Laguna Beach on the radio or weddings in LA.  If it ‘s not one thing it’s another.  A man with a Newport Beach t-shirt or a song with California in it.

For me it’s been a combination of the coincidental and purposed.  I’ve been looking at so many wedding venues in different locations around England online that I’m much more familiar with the landscape and geography.  Scanning Netflix live streamed movies there is an entire category that comes up for me called “British Dramas with Strong Female Lead.”  I’m reading the biography of Roald Dahl titled Boy and even though he’s a Norwegian who lived in Wales he went to British boarding schools and I find him using these turns of phrases that are identical to things Martin says.

He did his teeth.  No one does teeth in America.  We brush them.  But Martin says that all the time.

He put on his dressing gown.  What?  Guys don’t wear gowns!  Oh…it’s a robe.  Well then why don’t they say robe?

I almost don’t blink anymore when I hear: blimey, spot on, pear-shaped, straight away, snogging, cheeky, blooming, cheerio, dodgy, gutted,  and rubbish.

I totally get what monday week is now and fortnight too.

I’m learning that at English weddings the groom does not typically stand facing the bride as she walks down the aisle but is meant to sneak a peek only.  And after a wedding you always have a breakfast no matter what time of day it is but it only means meal.  Not really breakfast.  That one had me confused for a while.

I smile when I see English muffins, and crumpets, and the branston pickle jar in my pantry that I will never open.

But I’m absorbing it and his culture and his way of thinking about words and the world into mine.

I am aware that we consider ourselves English-speaking and it is true we understand each other very well given the cultural difference but ZED?

Why in the world would they call the letter Z, zed?  I don’t get it.  X, Y, Zed?

And they are so polite over there they put sorry and thank you on their signs.  Haha…

I’m trying to understand it all so I don’t make a huge faux pas while over there…although even using that word is probably one cause they don’t tend use French words like we do over here in America.

I’m excited.  Really excited.  17 more days.  Yikes.  Wow.  Still in awe of it.  Also in awe of all those English rock stars I thought were American my whole life 😉

It is quite something to think about how small in size the country of England is and yet  how big the influence it has had on history, literature, and music.

And to think…I never really had a desire to ever go before I met Martin.  😀



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