Full House, Full Heart

So far so good.  We’ve done the OC and Vegas.  Done the pool, and laying out.  Barbecues and restaurants.  Badminton and card games.  Other than the occasional emotional flare up from my daughter who is trying to adapt to Martin’s daughters getting lots of my attention.  It’s been near perfect.  Whew.

Martin is Martin.  🙂

Last night we brought the dining room table outside and lit 10 lanterns all around the pool.  We  grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes, and grilled corn with rib eye steaks.  We sat around the fire pit and listened to my son play guitar while we roasted giant marshmallows for smores.  We took midnight dips into the pool to cool off from the hot tub listening to music.  It was pretty great.

I’m realizing a family of 6 is expensive to feed but cheaper if you go to the grocery store and cook.  My quiet days and nights alone are filled up this week with family.  And I am full up.  I love a full house.  I love things happening in rooms where I don’t know what is going on.  Just hearing chatter and laughing or some music.  I don’t mind the mess.  I love the activity.  I was laying down a couple of nights ago thinking, this is special.  We are all here.  And all happy. I’ve never loved Martin more and I’ve never believed we CAN DO THIS more than I do this week.  It feels much more real.

What I would give to have more of it.  Longer.  They go home on Thursday.  I will miss him even more.  But for now I will get off my computer and say good morning and soak up the time I’ve been given and be thankful.  Thankful to overflowing.

6 responses to “Full House, Full Heart

    • funny cause I actually read this one to Martin and I started balling as we read it and we just hugged and he kissed me and it was a moment. Sad but happy all at the same time.

  1. Aw, so glad it’s all going well. I’ve been on tenterhooks on your behalf hoping for it to be really enjoyable!

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