A Hard Days Night

Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool, England

Image by nikoretro via Flickr

A Hard Days Night

350 mile drive
Sales calls
Detour to Liverpool to take in the sights.  Why not?
Book Hard Days Night hotel – reportedly good wi-fi
Sing Hard Days Night in head over and over
Skype Livvy – sketchy wi-fi
Smile, smile, smile
Go to dinner – stay out cause Livvy is busy with a big project for work – get dessert
Livvy’s big project get’s postponed she misses you – emails you 5 times
iPhone battery dies you don’t get any of the emails
Skype Livvy “HI!” pick up  emails she sent while at dinner
Dropped call
Try Again…dropped call
Try again…dropped call
Skype Livvy “Can you hear…” dropped call
Repeat above pattern 30 thousand times FRUSTRATED & TIRED
Run down one flight of stairs – call again – no good
Run down one more flight of stairs – call again – no good
Repeat above 2 more times until Lobby is reached
Ask manager of posh hotel what is the deal?  He says some things are blocked. 

Walk outside with computer  – still no signal
Now 9:30 PM but determined – still singing Hard Days Night to yourself
Bellman says there is a McDonald’s 5 minutes away and points in a direction
Take laptop with no cord or earphones on a 15 minute walk

Beatles - Liverpool

Image by drinksmachine via Flickr

Miss 3 more emails from Livvy who thinks you’ve gone to bed and is bummed
“Are you not answering emails now either?” She says.
Write Livvy, “I’m heading to McDonalds!!!” Geesh….
Skype Livvy  – “What did you think I would give up?!!”
Livvy says, “You mad at me?” with a big smile on her face
“YES!” but smile wearily
Now 10:00 –  talk to Livvy FINALLY until battery goes
Smile, smile, smile
Email Livvy, “I love you, Night night xxx”
Walk back to hotel in the rain.  Yes for real, no jacket
Still singing A Hard Days Night
“I should be sleeping like a log…but when I get home to you I find the things that you do will make me feel alright…”

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