Yesterday my son turned 17. Today he was hired for his first job ever for the city we live in to be a Certified Swim Instructor. I’m super proud of him. For us. For making it this far.

My daughter takes her first AP test tomorrow morning and she’s been staying after school every day until 4 o’clock in study sessions for over a month.. She is prepared and no matter how well she does I’m proud of her too. For us. For making it this far.

My best friend called me today. She lives up in San Fransisco. She is the one I went to Ireland with. Her husband called it quits on their marriage about a month after we got home. She just found out from her son that he proposed to another woman in Hawaii. She didn’t even know he was dating. He asked his son not to tell her even though the son had met her family and gone on trips together. Blindsided would be an appropriate word I think. But I’m proud of her too. For us. For making it this far.

Life requires so much from us at times it can feel overwhelming. My son took deep breaths telling me how nervous he was on the way to City Hall for his interview. His palms were sweaty because he wanted it so bad and at the same time worried if he would be able to do a good job if he got it. So much responsibility. My daughter is on her bed now with all her study notes sprawled across the quilt. Reading them over one last time hoping she passes while feeling bad that she has too many pimples on her face and that no cute guy likes her. My friend is feeling the void of losing her dad earlier this year and the family that is slowly disappearing around her while her ex-husband is gaining. Is jealous that he has moved on and she hasn’t had one meaningful relationship since the split. Worrying if being happy and alone isn’t so healthy after all.

But for all our worries and fears God mercifully gives us not only his Holy Spirit is quiet and calm our hearts but He also gives us people who love us to experience the pain, anxiety, and sadness along with the triumphs, laughs, and hugs.

This is what life is all about. And one of the reasons I’m still with Martin as he goes about his business, seeing to what he has promised to me and his girls. Making right out of the wrong. If I stick around I can celebrate with him his growth as a man, a father, and as a child of God. If I left, I would miss out in that. Sometimes. Sometimes, it is worth sticking around.

And for that matter. I’m proud of me. For all those who have helped me through (my blog readers included). For making it this far.

2 responses to “Milestones

  1. I am proud of you too. you have pulled through (or are pulling through) a really trying time and I really respect and admire that. Keep plugging, you are doing great (and good luck to your son on the interview!)

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