What Could Be Better?

Last Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite days of all time.  Truly.  It was near perfection.  We are going to celebrate this year on Saturday doing much of the same kinds of things.  But because we are so much closer and have been through so much more I know it will be special in its own way.

But for all those women dreaming of the fantasy date?  This has to be right up there for me.  It was spectacular.

We started out going on a day hike.  It was short and I was a little nervous about it because the last time I had attempted the hike I was completely out of shape and had to stop several times to grab at my chest and rest.  But with Martin I practically ran up the hill.  We got to the top where there is a big cross and a beautiful view of Riverside and took it all in before heading back down.  It is the same hill where I went the day I got my divorce papers in the mail.  I sat up on the top of the hill at the foot of that big cross with my Bible and I read and I prayed and thought about the rest of my life.  Full of sadness but also hope.  It was August 12 and that was the first date Martin had to move to the US.  Only he didn’t come.

I had no idea the challenges that would be coming my way but somehow I was calm and confident with only momentary lapses into fear as I am today.

After we got home we were all sweaty and tired and we started talking.  It must have been hours that went by because the next thing we knew it was almost 6 PM and dark outside and we hadn’t gone to the grocery store yet to buy the food for the meal Martin planned to prepare for me.  So we jumped up and shopped.  He made dinner while I showered.  We wanted to make it special so I got out all my candles.  I bought a ton of little ones (about 50) and put them all over my dining room.  We got dressed up – me in my black dress and he in his tux – and we ate a great meal to some soft music.  Laughing and talking.  When dinner was over we moved to the family room lit a fire and moved some furniture and brought over all the candles and he turned on his iPod and we danced.

We must have danced for two hours.  We laughed and kissed and talked and held each other and sang the familiar songs.  It was perfect.  When my feet started aching a little I kicked off my shoes and told him I had to change.  I came back down in my jammies and we went to the piano in the living room that is also a Karaoke device and we sang and sang and sang.  I’ll never forget sitting on the piano bench watching him sing Ruby by Kenny Rodgers to me.  We were laughing so much. Like a couple of kids.

I ran into the kitchen to get some water and the clock said 3:00AM.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was just the best night.  EVER.

So we decided that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and we’re planning on doing much the same this year.  Hanging out, making dinner, lighting a fire and some candles, and sharing music together.  What could be better?  I can’t wait.  One more day and I’ll get to hug and kiss him again.



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