It doesn’t take much to make my day.  And today was a day that could have gone either way a couple of different times.  All made better for an unlikely discovery while sitting huddled in my car waiting for a tow truck.

It started on a high note.  My house was picked up, my work was getting completed, I had a glorious and amazing massage scheduled from my good friend who spoils me to no end, and Martin is on his way back to California.  It’s been a month since I’ve seen him.  MUCH better than the 3 1/2 months it was between visits last time.  But I’m not getting greedy.  I appreciate the effort and expense and time it takes to come see me.  But Valentine’s Day called.  Oh how I love that man.

He’s a curious bloke though who prefers a good soak to a shower.  Must be an English thing.  And my downstairs bathtub leaks.  So I thought I’d make a quick trip to Home Depot to do something about it then get gas.  From there I had planned on going home and letting in the housekeepers to clean my picked up house (thank you LORD for them).  But sadly my car would not start.  Grrr.  So instead I called AAA and waited.  Now the timing of my entire day was shot.  As I sat there I ran through my mental list moving things around, deciding how I could manage to accomplish it all minus 40 minutes.  And then I got an email from Martin.

It’s not what you think!  He wasn’t standing at my door or anything, although MAN I would have absolutely freaked out with happiness.  As Gidget says, “That would just be the ultimate!”  But instead of that, he said he arrived at his hotel and was safe and online to say good night.  Mobile phone Skype never is very reliable but today the signal was great and it made me smile to be sat in my car talking to England for free.

And then something happened.

All of a sudden he said, “What was that?”

I’m like, “Uh what? What’s wrong?”

And he says, “You. I just saw you, what is going on?”

“You can see me?  What?”  And I turn the phone around to look at the screen and there he was smiling at me on my phone.

“Hey I can see you!! Hahaha!  Wow how is this possible?”  So cool.

I had no clue that once I updated my phone software that it would enable Skype video calls on my phone.  I have the old iPhone with only one camera so in order for him to see me I couldn’t see him.  But who’s complaining?  I had him in the car with me.

When the tow truck arrived he came out with me to talk to the guy who recommended a new battery that he’d be happy to install and guarantee for 6 years, 3 years free replacement.  I said, “Thank you very much.”

He drove home with me and watched as I turned down my street.  Of course at this point he was just seeing what he could see cause I was driving and paying attention to road.  I promise.

But it was great.  A blast.  I had no clue.  Neither did he and we were both so excited.  It  put a smile on my face.

I was late for my massage too and my friend was really perturbed.  I felt so bad.  It was only 10 minutes but the way her face looked it was as if I was 45 minutes late or something!  Well turns out she looked at her book wrong and she really thought I was 45 minutes late!  When we got it all squared away and after hearing about my dead battery fiasco I think she wanted to make sure I left good and relaxed because it was the most awesome massage.  I sat up and said, “Oh my gosh that was good today.”  And she said, “That’s cause you were on the table for almost 2 hours my dear!”  WOW.  So great.

I got everything done on my list except grocery shopping and now all I have to do is look forward to tomorrow.  Cafe La Boheme for dinner.  Can’t wait!  All the anguish and waiting does pay off sometimes.  Life is good.  Who knows maybe this week will bode more good surprises for me 🙂

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