When I was in high school I ran track as I’ve mentioned before.  They always used to say, “The better the team, the more you’ll be motivated.”  Good competition during practice  motivated you to run faster which made you faster in the long run for the meets.  It makes sense.  You are motivated or not by who you are surrounded by.

When I switched jobs a few years ago the pace at my new job was much slower than my old one.  I went from working on 3 projects at a time, completely maxed out in every way to one job that I created for myself to be completed when I was done with it.  I adjusted.  So it works both ways.

I think I have a pretty good team assembled around me now a days.  They are filled with people who are real.  No holds barred, which can be bruising at times but I always learn something from them.  They are people with good hearts.  They would travel to Ireland with me just to cheer me up.  They would come over when I’ve called them in tears at the drop of a hat.  They would stay up late and talk to me so I don’t feel alone.  Running along side me and I them through the days when we’re coasting and up every hill.

I finally ran more than 3 miles yesterday.  Well, maybe I didn’t RUN more than 3 miles cause I walked a lot.  The complete distance was 5.78 miles and the first three were up a steady incline.  The incline is what killed me.  I thought it looked so slight.  No biggie.  But it was tough.  When I got home I looked closer at the incline graph and it was a gain of 350 ft.  Aaah…no wonder.  I did the entire run in an hour and 30 minutes.  Like I said, it killed me!  But I did it.  I had no choice.  I was alone and had to make it back home no matter how tired I was.

I remember back in the days when I woke up tired and after about 30 seconds I would remember the pain.  It enveloped every aspect of my life.  Everything was harder.  Some days, breathing was hard.  It was like when I hit mile 4 and my body started revolting against the exercise and was choosing to throw up instead.  I was pushed to the limit but I couldn’t stop.  I had to keep going and I didn’t see how I could.  So I stopped running and just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.  No one appears with a red wagon to cart me along my path and give me rest when I needed it most.  It was something I thought was cruel.

I have great friends, but none of them could help me.  I had to get home on my own and it wasn’t going to be easy or quick.

And I guess that brings me to my final point.  Teammates are great.  I always run faster and better in life with them around me.  But when it comes right down to it.  You are the one who has to do the hard work.  They can only cheer you on.

6 responses to “Motivation

  1. Your last line – SO true. And you are doing the hard work! Good for you! I miss running outside and being able to when in Huntington Beach last week was awesome. I miss ‘running weather!’

  2. OH MY GOSH LIVVY!!! I just came to that same conclusion the other day. I was thinking if only I had someone to partner with me I would be more accountable to doing something I need to do as well. Then I realized, I need to do what I need to do. Yes, the teammates are great, having people doing the same thing as you, but you are right, it all comes down to us. Blessings to you. Wish you could make it for my Birthday party/celebration of life in March. I do so hope to meet you someday.

  3. That’s right. I forget that sometimes. Actually lately I think I might be forgetting that alot. I keep looking for something to motivate me OUTSIDE of myself and I can’t find it. Gee I wonder why?

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