Life is Good

We are missing each other. Wow.

I’ve never been with a sensitive guy before and Martin is sensitive.  I’m used to being the one who gets a little worried from time to time about nothing.  But today it was him.  I didn’t email him over night (his night) two days in a row.  I said a few things that he grabbed onto and worried about.  This whole 6,000 miles away and months apart is HARD.  That is a 4x emphasis on that word.  Bold, italics, underlined, and capitalized!  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because this is our story.  And it’s a good one.

He thought I was sending signals that I was losing interest today.  He totally misread what I had said.  All along I was worrying (again) at him leaving his family and life and feeling bad about the sacrifice he was making.  I was feeling selfish and wishing it could be different.  At the same time I was gearing myself up for a busy weekend where I knew we’d be missing each other time-wise for our long talks.  And I had a ton of work to finish for the week.  Sensitive to the change, he got worried, and drove 4 hours home after a long day at work worrying about it.  I knew something was up when we reconnected  but I didn’t know why.

“What in the world is wrong?”

“I’m just tired.  I’m sorry, you’ll laugh.”

“I bet I will go ahead!  Hit me with it.”

We laughed as his eyelids drooped and his head nodded after he explained what he was feeling.  I was able to alleviate his worry.

“Go to sleep silly.  I love you more than you’ll ever know and we are good.  I promise.”

“Okay, that’s good.” He said with a weak smile. He was drunk with tiredness but fighting it.

“You silly man.  If I was there I would take off your shoes, rub your head, give you a soft kiss on the lips and watch you fall asleep.  Go to sleep.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I know.  I love you too.”

“Night night.”

I hung up the call smiling and knowing that I was loved, he is loved, and life is good.


3 responses to “Life is Good

  1. Aww. A sensitive side to a man is a good thing, in my opinion and in a way, even more important when you are in a long distance relationship as it automatically means more communication, right?

  2. Your Love story with Martin continues to be the most uplifting thing I have read in years! You really could do well to write a book about this whole experience. It would give great hope to divorced men and women all over the world! 🙂 Is it possible that you might post a pic of the two of you together?

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