Laughing Is Great

Do you know anyone who hates to laugh?  I know people who are hesitant to it, or don’t like it when someone else is laughing and they are in a bad mood.  But once you get to laughing yourself, how is it not one of the best feelings in the world?  Smiling is right up there too.  It’s one of the few times you can completely lose composure and not get a lecture afterward.  And giggling is just hysterical.  I don’t think I can be in a room with someone who is giggling and not giggle myself.  Even the word giggle is funny.

I just think being silly is underrated.  Today I watched a tv show with Martin via Skype that made us laugh so hard we were both wiping the tears from our eyes.  Then I went over my sister’s house and we were watching a video of my two nephews one is 8 the other 17 do a dance routine competition on the Wii.  It was so funny.

There is a sense of power that I get from being silly and being in the moment.  “Who cares?” I think it far worse to miss out on a fun experience because you are afraid of “how it might look” to other people.

I’m not suggesting being annoying.  I’m just saying let loose and have a little fun.  It’s really good for the soul.

That is my two cents for today.


3 responses to “Laughing Is Great

  1. First, LOVE that you and Martin watch TV shows together on Skype! That’s awesome. And second, I totally agree. I love to laugh and M and I laugh a LOT. To the point of tears. I think that is so important, generally, and in love too 🙂

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