Lost in Translation

Apparently Brits are more evolved when it comes to using the English language.  They are more inclined to use words for example where we Californian’s (or maybe it’s just me) (or maybe it’s just women?) can’t be bothered with speaking in actual words but instead use a series of grunts and groans to communicate quite effectively with each other.  Not so effectively with people from the “Old World”.  So in an effort to communicate clearly I have listed my code that I may print off for Martin to use on a handy little 3×5 card to keep in his pocket in case he is ever at a loss.

uh uh – no
ex.  “Do you think we should clean up the kitchen?” – “Uh uh”

huh uh – no
also means no but I’m interested in hearing more about it

uh huh  – yes
in response to a direct question

uh huh… – liar
for example…”I think you look great in those jeans….” my response…”Uh huh…”

huh? – what?

huh – go figure
with a dash of happy surprise

hmm – go figure
laced with disappointment

hmmmmmmm – I’m thinking of something I don’t want to say out loud
but trust me it’s good 🙂

ha – yeah right!
with a heavy dose of sarcasm

haha – funny

grrr – I’m not happy
in fact I’m getting to the point of complete frustration

argh -I’m not happy
as if to say…”Can you believe how stupid this is?” word efficient don’t you think?  Replacing 7 words with one?

ugh – I’m resigned

oh oh – whatever it is it’s bad

OH! – whatever it is it’s good

I think that’s it…am I weird?

I don’t know what’s so hard about it…seems pretty straight forward to me 😉


6 responses to “Lost in Translation

  1. Perhaps Martin is superbly linguistically evolved, but I hear plenty of other British men communicating by means of grunts…

  2. I fully understood everything! LOL

    I was in Australia a few years ago visiting my good friend, when she would constantly use the phrase “faired income?” It took me a while to understand that what it meant in American English was “no kidding?”. Talk about slang….they have it for everything!!

    Glad you are having a good time!

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