In the Meantime

I’m listening right now to my ex tickling my daughter out in the garage and heard, “I love you.”  My son ran out as soon as he heard the garage door go up because he wanted to tell him all about his big win.  FINALLY.  It was the most exciting water polo game of my life.  Season finale.  It was neck and neck, tied at the end, 6 minutes of overtime put on the clock.  Tied again after two more scores.  Then sudden death.  You should have seen the look on my son’s face when they won.

My daughter babysat tonight and came home with story after story.  How the little 6 month old was so cute but so difficult to manage.  And how she just got her drowsy when the little boy wanted play his drums.  Oh, it really brought back memories.  Raising kids is hard.

Then she told me her new favorite phrase was “Shut your face!”  and it reminded me of that silly 80’s song Shaddup a ya face.  That did it.  The rest of the night after listening to it on Youtube we couldn’t stop singing it or speaking in Italian accents.

A nice break.  Now please Lord, stop them from arguing the order of the lyrics when one sings out, “Whatsa matta you HEY.  Why you looka so sad?”  “That’s not how it goes.”  “Who cares?” “Aaaah Shuddup a ya face!”


It was nice while it lasted.  🙂

Tomorrow is a new day.  Thank you Lord for today.

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