Landing on Your Feet

When I was growing up, going through hard times, my mom  said to me, “Livvy you’ll do fine.  You’re the type that always lands on your feet.”  No matter what the tragedy, problem, set back, or anguish.  She never worried because I was not a quitter and she knew it.

Neither is Martin.

Martin packed up all his stuff today and then got an email from the American arm of his company that apologized for the delay, that they’d like to explain, and could he have a phone conversation on Friday.  He was like…Friday I’m flying!  Apparently not.

He spent some time on the telephone to the US Immigration office who explained because his level of job changed he had to re-apply for a Visa.  His company should have.  They dropped the ball.  So this guy asks Martin if he’s willing to be in London tomorrow he could get him an appointment to plead his case with someone there at 9:00 AM.  To which Martin replied, “Heck yeah” or some English version of that saying.  There is a chance they could approve it on the spot.  There is also a chance it could take months.

He’s driving to London now.

Last night we were on Skype and I laid down on the bed in front of the webcam.  He could see my feet behind me kind of hanging in the air and was making comments.  You know those kind of comments.  Today while we were talking on the phone he said…Livvy I like your legs and everything, but it’s so much more than that.  He got all choked up and I knew he was crying.  He said he was sorry.  The poor guy is at the end of his rope.  I wish I could do more for him.  He called himself a Gypsy driving around with everything he owns trying to get the okay to fly to his new home, new country, and new life.

He said, “that elephant should be about et by now shouldn’t he?”  He’s tired.  He’s worn out.  But he is also incredibly inspired and he said, “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of me, we are handling this, we’ll get there.”

So tomorrow morning he will go into the US Embassy and I’m sure be very emphatic about wanting to leave as soon as possible.  I pray for mercy.  For his sake more than anything else.

In the meantime, this guy is not gonna give up because he’s the kind that lands on his feet.

As for me.  I am okay.  I’ll survive.  No temper-tantrum yet.

As a little boost from God I did get my computer back today from Apple.  Well, more specifically they replaced my old one with a brand new one and its a beaut.  Because I waited so long for the fix, they also noticed that my iPhone’s screen was broken to bits.  Remember when that happened?  They asked if I would allow them to replace my iPhone with a new one at no charge.  I said, “Thank you very much.” And I didn’t get called for jury duty so today will be catch up day at work.

There are little blessings even in the midst of bad news.  I’m grateful for them.  One day, very soon.  I will be able to hug him and welcome him to my country.  Just not tomorrow.

After we got off the phone and he got back on the road toward London.  I got an email with this link.  I replied, “I love you.  This is part of the story I guess.  I’m with you.  I didn’t have time to make lasagna anyway :P”

4 responses to “Landing on Your Feet

  1. I don’t know why, but God has placed on my heart a peace for your situation. I join you in the not freaking out. Everything is going to work out for His glory. I know it only because He has placed this peace. God bless Livvy. Your situation is on my heart and in His hands.

  2. Aw, I hope you know really soon what’s going to happen. Glad you’re not freaking out. Perhaps you can start working on some really elaborate casserole-type dinner that’ll be ready for his arrival shortly….

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