A Strange Way to say Goodbye

My best friend said good-bye to her dad today.  It was the happiest funeral I’ve ever been to.  We laughed and she and her brother did such a great job.  When it was over about 30 of us went over to Disneyland for a group photo and then another 18 of us went into California Adventure for a commemorative photo on Tower of Terror.  For those of you who read my blog…that ride is significant to me. When I was trying to decide whether I should embark on this relationship with Martin I likened it to standing in line on that ride and debating within myself whether I should or not.  I hate that ride.  It scares me.  It was only the 18 of us on the ride together and they all told me how loud I screamed and how I drowned out everyone else.  I’m a screamer.  We all got our pics and we honored him with our smiles and laughter.

It might seem like a strange way to spend time after a memorial service and reception but for us it was making him proud that we weren’t wallowing about.  And I’m diving into this life I’ve been given and I’m going to grab it and enjoy it and live it instead of being afraid.  That is what this day symbolized for me.

I practically lived at their house growing up.  And I probably would not be a Christian today if not for the example and the love they showed me in my early life.  My parents would argue and fight and I would escape to theirs where everything seemed rather like the Cleavers.  When push came to shove they welcomed me whenever I came with open arms.  Sometimes years in between.

When it was time to start the service they invited the family in for a prayer and TC and I were included.  It meant so much to me I can’t even tell you.

Their dad did not accomplish great things in his life by the worlds standards but he was a good provider and taught his kids good lessons about love, good stewardship, selflessness, and generosity.

It’s been so good to spend so much time with them.  I remember why I was so drawn to it when I was young.  They just are so unassuming and loving and they have always encouraged and loved me.  No hitting, no yelling, no judgment.  Just love.

I’m lucky to have had them live down the street from me.  They changed my life on earth and in heaven.  And I’m forever grateful.

Today was a good day.  I love them with all my heart.  I know who I am.  You know….that is a big deal.  Many people go through life wondering and I know.

Martin had a great interview in Chicago today.  He called me just now cause he woke up and checked to see if I was online and I was and we got to talk and he is fixing to get this job.  It’s gone well so far…great he says.  All I know is I miss him like crazy.  And I know after today how much I want him to be a part of my life.  Life is too short.  So short.

I want to marry him.

One response to “A Strange Way to say Goodbye

  1. Wow, this gave me chills. sounds like such a joyous way to celebrate your friend’s father’s life! And I love how this has inpsired your love for Martin even further. That is awesome. SO GREAT!!

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