Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Martin in Chicago (Yeah!) –  no key to get into his company owned flat, no WiFi once in the flat, no US phone plan so calls are expensive – he called anyway.

Still no WiFi, He worked all day, ate a big steak and bowled all night.  Learned to say “Hey Man.” very American.  First day under the belt.

Still no WiFi (which by the way means I can’t see him on Skype), The IT department promised it back to him but….email on iPhone acting up, messages getting hung up in Outbox.  Out with the guys in the evening.  Learned more about American Football and Baseball than he ever wanted to know.

Got the computer back but WiFi still didn’t work.  Email didn’t work.  My email didn’t work either! Was going to talk in the evening but got invited to a nice home cooked meal with coworker (everybody loves him!!)  Got home and was too tired.  I understand.  I really do!  I just am really missing him at this point.  I think because of all the silence MAYBE he was really on a plane and was going to surprise me!  I was wrong.

Appointment in the morning at 7 AM, the other guy was late.  Accident while in a cab driving to the airport.  Drivers cussing each other out, police arrive…scheduled flight is missed.  No direct flights left to LAX so has to get on Air Canada and come via Toronto (4 hours delay).  Phone is on the brink of death due to low battery.  His neck is sore from the accident.  He’ll be wiped out when I see him.  Hopefully he will be in tact though.

SO – after this week I KNOW this is real love…haha.  I’ve missed him terribly but what can you do?  He’s doing his best.  I have been somewhat frustrated but its kind of like watching the movie Planes, Trains, Automobiles.  You just feel bad for the guy.  And I’m so dang excited to see him that I’m like that faithful fan of the Cubs cheering my team on and never losing faith.  And when he finally gets home he will get the biggest smile and the hugest hug ever.  And then he will sleep.  And I will watch him sleep.

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