So Close!

I’m just going to cut to the chase with this post.  Martin is in America!  Yeah!  He’s at orientation in Chicago and will be coming here on Thursday.  I’m so excited and so happy.  It’s been since May 16 since I’ve seen him in person and it feels like ages ago.

This past week he has been dealing with a family crisis as his niece was given 2 hours to live due to a mystery condition.  This later revealed itself to be alcohol poisoning and she was given 2 days.  Now after 4 they are still holding out hope even after her heart stopped twice, one lung collapsed and all her other organs have shut down, that she might pull through.  Many people here in America have been praying for her as Martin has and he’s been an example of strength and faith to his sister.  It’s made me so very proud of him.

Every new day brings with it more confirmation for me that I am exactly where God wants me to be.  So many people’s lives in England have been influenced by Martin’s new faith and it humbles me to think the small part I played. We read our devotions together nearly every day and he’s grown so much in the Lord it just amazes me.  That is the foundation we are working on building so that the rest of our relationship can be sturdy and strong.  It’s what I’ve always dreamed of for my life.

It’s truly happening.  When I first met him I remember telling my mom not to worry, he was just a nice guy who I’m chatting with who lives half a world away and nothing would ever come of it.  I literally did not fathom how far we have come.  And now we are so very close.  It leaves me in awe.

Last night when we were chatting I was smiling so much my cheeks started to hurt.  Everything has been so easy.  He is so easy to love, easy to see the possibilities, easy to share the deepest parts of me.  Just easy.  Even the stuff that should be hard seems easy with him.

So so close.  I had to share this song because it fits so perfectly where we are.

Never in a million years did I dream that I would truly be this happy.  I’m ready to be able to see him everyday.  I’m ready to do the everyday things and be a boring couple who happens to be madly in love.

2 responses to “So Close!

  1. Now that is TRULY awesome. SO glad for you and I can just feel the excitement and happiness oozing from this post. But, to Martin’s niece…I hope she pulls through, how awful.

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