Relationship Status

A little Facebook history –

2006: Got a Facebook account – status”Married”
2006-present: Got over 500 friends.  Most of whom I know personally but some I only remember their names from high school.
2007: I looked up the woman I was afraid about to see that she had “its complicated” listed as her status.  I asked my ex if he was what made it so complicated?
2008: I deleted the relationship category – because they didn’t have the one called “Limbo”
2010: “In a relationship with Martin”

I’m not sure what possessed me but I decided to change my relationship status on Facebook Friday night.  I didn’t talk to Martin about it I just did it.  It was an act of defiance I think.  I was the faithful wife.  I did what I was supposed to do.  I was the victim and now I’m triumphantly happy.  I met a great guy and became friends with him and now we are more.  Much more.  Certain people who I am close to know the scoop.  But I have more than 500 friends on Facebook and I think some of them think I’m still married.

There were some old pictures from 2005 that someone put up a while back and one of my friends decided to comment on them last week.  “What a beautiful family” for one of the four of us.  And it made me cringe.  I sent her a private message letting her know what has been happening.  But even though my status was empty, people who knew me would just assume unless they’ve seen me recently.

So the cat is out of the bag.  I even changed my profile picture to one of the two of us.  I love him.  I want the world to know it.  And now they do.

Poor Martin has had some explaining to do as a result.  He has some friends on Facebook he doesn’t see all that often and he’s only explained our story to his inner circle.  It’s quite a story and with him moving out of the country and away from his daughters it is more likely people would have opinions.  He said he got 7 phone calls from people he knows but is not close to asking what was up.  He’s glad to have it out of the bag too.

I know God knows what he’s doing with timing.  And all of this has come in time.  But I’m looking forward to changing my status again someday back to “Married”.  Maybe 2011?

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