Here’s my list:

Plant Grace’s science experiment in pots before they die (I’m not too late they’re succulents)
Get the dog his shots (he will not be happy with me)
Buy a new squeegy for the shower (housekeeper took old one by mistake)
Figure out how to get a Quick Claim Deed so my ex can sign over his half of the house to me (how do I do that?)
Mail photobook to friend who has been waiting for it for over 2 months (I just need to look up the stupid address you can do this today LIVVY!)
Delete all the programs I’m never going to watch off my DVR (I’m never going to watch that Hallmark Hall of Fame movie)
Get car’s oil changed (its waaaay overdue and while they there look at AC that isn’t working right)
Put away all the clean clothes you washed so they don’t mixed up with the dirty ones that are laying all over the floor (I’m not proud)
Pay bills! (I hate doing this for some reason…)
Clean out the inside of my car so Martin doesn’t think I’m a slob (more of one than he already thinks)
Fix the sprinklers (there are about 6 that need attending to) only I don’t know how to fix them
Change out the lightbulbs to the chandeliers (only I don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach them…I have two left…but once they go out we are in the dark)
Fix the leak in the pool, the broken gates, the hose nozzle, the pool heater….ugh

You get the idea.

Is it just me (please say it isn’t) or does everyone have lists like this that exist only in their head?  I go over and over these things but its a rare day when I actually do something toward accomplishing one of them.  I do eventually put my clothes away.  Oh heck, I do eventually do them all I guess but I’m always saying “Tomorrow”.

I just dread some of this stuff (I lied I dread all of it) and instead of just dealing with it, I put it off.  I hate that.  I wish I was the type that could just go on automatic pilot and just do it already.  Roll up the ol’ sleeves and tackle one thing at a time. But some of this stuff is just completely foreign to me.  Or something I have never had to do ever.  And I guess even though I’m an educated, working woman, there is a part of me who thinks some of this is guy stuff.  And oh well.  I did remember to take the trash out last night at 10 pm.  So I am getting better.

Problem is I don’t do chick stuff any better than I do the guy stuff.  I’m not a great housekeeper.  It works for me but other people not so much.  Its not that I live in filth.  I just don’t pick stuff up constantly.  I wait for it to bug me then I do it.  And it bugs me way later than some people. Although I did clean out my refrigerator and pantry on Wednesday which needed to be done.  So sometimes I just get a wild hair and surprise myself.  Like that one week I completely cleaned out the garage and claimed it as my own.

I’m a good thinker.  That is my forte.  I think for my job, I come up with ideas.  I write and design and create images through photography.  And I’m a good administrator.  I plan well too.  Its just that mostly it’s other people carrying out those plans.  Did someone say that’s what kids are for?  Yeah I tried that, and it works about 50% of the time.  These days they are busier than me and don’t have time to do daily chores cause they aren’t even home.

Maybe its just a lack of discipline.  I guess that is it.  And the fact that there is a tomorrow.  Tomorrow works. I keep coming back to tomorrow.

My son’s 16th is coming up and I am having a party for about 30 people in my backyard.  I guess I’m feeling the pressure today to get things done.  And I’m down on myself for this list of things I haven’t attended to.  But Martin says that I’m like him.  I work better under the pressure of a deadline.  That is true.  The party which is next Saturday will force my hand on some of this stuff.

I guess that’s what deadlines are for.  Motivation.  But today, I am suffering from a lack of motivation.  Today. And yesterday.  And tomorrow.

And I do need to remember that even though there is dust in the corners.  My kids are fed, they are clean, they are relatively happy.  A friend of mine on facebook used to work at a nuclear reactor and he said when he’s feeling down or when things aren’t going right he just says to himself.

“It’s not a nuclear reactor. It’s not going to melt down, and nobody is going to die.”

Ok – now I feel better.

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