To Those Reading My Blog

Wow – what can I say?  I had no idea when I started this blog that anyone would be reading this except for me.  I didn’t tell anyone about it really and just thought of it more as a personal journal.  But I’m blown away that people are not only reading it but also getting something out of it that might give them hope.

Thank you for those of you who comment and give me encouragement and tell me how you feel about the words I’ve written.

I am so grateful for where I’m at.  I was reading back some earlier posts and I ran across this one that I wrote in October called “I’m Not All That”.  And I said hopefully I will be a confident and triumphant Livvy someday writing on this blog.  And gosh…I don’t know how confident I am but I certainly feel victory over the pain now.  And I am smiling every day.

Life still goes on you know?  The dogs still need attention, the trash still needs to be taken out by me, the kids still fight  – but I just don’t feel that enormous sense of loss that I felt before.

I  know Martin has a lot to do with it.  But I know I am stronger too.  I know I am healing.

So I just wanted to say thanks for coming out of the woodwork, for finding me, and I’m honored for the time you’ve spent here.

THANKS to Jolene, Izzy and Dianne in particular.  I’m reading too!

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