Unbelievable but true.  Today we had a major aftershock.  I went to the doctor’s for some medicine for a skin condition and found out that my health insurance was no longer active.  For some reason it was not caught at the doctor’s office but it was at the pharmacy.  I went to fill my prescription and I was told sorry but if I wanted my medicine I had to pay full price.  I was dumbfounded.  I called my husband.  He said it must be a mistake.  And I thought surely it was a mistake.  My husband even showed up at the store and took my receipt and told me he’d make a call and sort it all out in the morning.  I wondered why he was being so proactive.  He usually isn’t a take charge kind of guy and usually lets me do the calling.

By mid-day I had not hear back from him so I called the insurance company and they confirmed that the insurance was no more.  As of March 1.  So I call my husband.  Six times before he picked up the phone.  And simply said, “Tell me what is going on.”

Well it turns out he lost his job.

Yep.  Aftershock.  Rumble.  I literally held onto the furniture.

He assured me he had another job, a good one, lined up that he was starting on Monday.  And he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to worry.  But all I saw were lies.  “The little cracks they escalate, before we knew it was too late.”  To quote from that song I posted last night. He lied.  Again.

And aftershocks can be really dangerous.   They can really be the last and final straw to an already damaged building.  But in this case.  My case.  I am not afraid of that.  I’ve already cleaned up the rubble.  I have my kids as my number one priority in life.  I need to make sure they are protected and cared for and then everything else is icing on the cake.

I just didn’t see it coming…again.  I hope tomorrow is better.

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