Tomorrow and Yet…

For those of you who are following…he’s getting on a plane in about 3 hours in London and will be here tomorrow afternoon.  YES AGAIN!

And when my son was kissing me good night this evening he saw the print out of my plans to visit England on Spring Break.  Yes…I’m going to see him on his own turf.  And he gave me a hug and said, “Mom? Have you kissed Martin yet?”  and I was like…”aaaaahhhhhhhh – you’re not supposed to ask that!”  and he said, “well I know you have cause I saw you on the cheek.”  And I was like.  Wow.  My kid saw me kiss him on the cheek?  It was a moment.

So I’m excited. Really excited for him to come but I have this problem.  I have this major break out on my face.  OF COURSE.  And I know I usually have posts that are written with more care, but in this case.  I’m really kind of freaking out.  Why now?  Why my face?

And why would my son ask me if I’ve kissed him?  I know the answer to that one. He saw me.  Ugh.

I told Martin tonight about it when we spoke on the phone and he is coming in at dinner time tomorrow and I know my kids will be around when I first see him.  It’s the first time I’m not picking him up at the airport.  I can’t.  I have too much work and so he’s getting a shuttle.  So somehow, he will knock on the door and I will answer it and say hi without a big huge hug and kiss.  Ok.  Somehow that will work.

It’s not just a little break out by the way.  It’s major.

But I am excited for him to come.  To see him in the flesh again after all these hours of talking.  Of him getting kicked offline.  England internet connections are NOT great.  But yeah.  Okay.  Well I just wanted to share.

He’s coming AGAIN.  And then I’m going out April 2.

So this is happening for real?  Yeah.  I guess it is.  Tomorrow.

Why do I suddenly feel like I’m 15?  Oh yeah…it’s the zit.

So what should I make for dinner?

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