Did I Just Say That?

It has been pouring in Southern California ever since the day my friend left back home to England and the reaction I have had to his leaving has surprised me.  I am in a word, distracted.  I lose my train of thought while speaking, thinking, doing anything really.  I have not been able to focus on work and that is very bad because of this big project I’ve been working on that is coming due.  But I either want to be talking to him or I’m thinking about talking to him.  It’s crazy.

He’s called from his car, his hotel room, the service area stop, his home.  He lives with his brother currently and his brother has a lady friend who comes over and cooks meals sometimes.  He usually emails first to make sure I am available to talk but today I heard the phone ringing as I turned the water off from my shower.  I knew it was him and didn’t want to miss his call so I hustled out of the shower dripping with water.  Grabbed the towel as I tore out of my room in search of the phone hoping to catch it in time.

On the fourth ring I gave a breathless hello.  He said, “Livvy, HI!” and I said, “Sorry I had to run find the phone I was in the shower and I’m dripping wet all over.” and he said, “Oh, you’re on speaker phone with my brother and his friend Pat.”  And I said…”WHAT? nu uh!”  And he said, “I’m not joking.” and then it was silence.

Did I just say what I think I said?  And here he was calling all proud of the fact he’d found this great American lady and I just announced THAT to the world?  Then I said, “SHUT UP!”  and he said, “No really.” as I heard nervous chuckles in the background.  Oh my.  I couldn’t believe it.

I meekly said, “HI…” and they answered hi back in a tone of voice that is rare.  Embarrassment, awkwardness, perhaps a little bit of amazement.  It was bad.

I swear this stuff happens only to me.  We had just had the best conversation earlier about  how much the Lord means to both of us and going slow and doing things in His timing and then I blurt out I’m naked essentially on a first impression no less to his brother!!

Ugh.  I just had to share.  It is funny I guess once I get passed the embarrassing part.  He said they could see instantly our connection and didn’t think anything of it.  I think he was being gracious to me and sparing me what his brother really said.


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