Busy Intersections

There is this intersection in my town that at about 4:30 everyday gets inundated with cars going every direction.  Invariably I forget the chaos and find myself with all of the other unfortunate people waiting for at least 20 minutes to make it through the light.  In my case I turn right.  And once I do there are three more lights in succession that are always out of sync and are also placed much too close to one another.  So I wait another 10 or 15 minutes before I’m free.  Sometimes, I’m the last car before the dreaded yellow appears and have to wait one more light to inch my way forward to my destination.  But what choice do I have?  There is no way to turn around.  So once I am there, I am stuck waiting.

Sometimes I get aggravated and beat my hands on my steering wheel.  Sometimes I turn my radio up really loud and rock out singing my favorite tunes.  Sometimes I just sit there sad, scolding myself for making the wrong turn at the wrong time of day.  But whatever my reaction, it does not change where I’m at or how long it will take to get through the mess.

Sometimes I think life is like this.  You find yourself in a spot that is not pleasant and takes too long to get through.  You can yell and beat your fists, feel depressed and powerless or wait it out singing your favorite tune.  But no matter what, you are still in that spot.  And you simply have to wait it out.

I feel like I’ve been at a busy intersection for a while.  I’m so anxious to get passed the hurt and pain that I lose site of the fact that there is a process to healing.  Steps to mourning.  And even though progress is slow, there is progress, and I’m inching forward little by little. There is only so much I can do to maneuver my way through it.  Sometimes other cars dive in front of me and I get a little further behind than where I want to be.  Sometimes I am able to switch lanes to one that is going a little faster.  But I still have to wait.  And eventually I will get through it.

When there is traffic on the freeway and all the cars are inching along, you can almost feel the elation when it breaks up.  Everyone pushes the speed limit just a bit with glee when they can take their foot off the brake and roar ahead.  I’m sure that is how I will feel when I make it through.  Free of the burden of the pain and sorrow and crisis, I will not look back but be anxious to continue my journey God has placed me in, full speed ahead.

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